Our authentic austrian menu




For your perusal – some of our dishes...

Fish fresh from the lakes:
pike, zander/pike-perch and such are delivered directly by local fishermen, freshly cooked and served by us.

Regional specialities – directly from the farm
we attach great importance to regional products, be it roast pork, braised beef, lamb dishes, duck or chicken – all are provided by local farmers and butchers.

Homemade specialities
we even make sausages, bacon and cheeses ourselves! – special delicacies.

International dishes
we also cook and serve specialities from other countries.


Homemade desserts
apple strudel, cream cheese strudel, brandy snaps, fruits - as dessert or with coffee.

Austrian wines
We serve some of the best austrian wines, - supplied to us by Vinothek Vinzenz Fuchs (www.vinzenz-fuchs.at)



Frittatensuppe A, C, G, L € 2.80
Liver dumpling soup A, C, G, L € 3.20
Meat strudel soup A, C, G, L € 2.80


Bach Hendl in Kürbispanier on lettuce,
with tomato, cucumber and house dressing A, C, O
€ 9.90
Farmer's salad with fried bacon,
with potato and pumpkin seeds on salad with tomato and pumpkin seed oil M, O
€ 9.30
Salad plate with grilled fish pieces M, O
€ 10.50
Salad with grilled turkey strips M, O
€ 9.50

Main dishes:

Wiener Schnitzel / turkey
with fries and gem. Lettuce A, C, G, M, O
€ 11, - / € 11.50
Pork Cordon Bleu / turkey
with chips and mixed salad A, C, G, M, O
€ 11,50 / € 12, -
Roast beef with onions,
with bread dumplings and gem. Lettuce A, C, G, M, O
€ 14.90
calf's liver
with bacon, rice and apple slices A
€ 16.80
mixed grill
with fries, vegetables and ajvar A
€ 14.50
with potatoes and fried C
€ 9.50

Every Sunday and holiday
Roast menu + special fish dishes


Hearty beef goulash
with bread dumplings A, L, O
€ 8.90
Veal lights
with bread dumplings A, C
€ 7.90
this green salad A, C, G, L, O
€ 9.20
Cevapcici with chips
Salad and ajvar A, M, O
€ 8.90

For the little ones:

Children schnitzel with fries A, C
€ 6.20
Grill sausages
with fries and salad M, O
€ 5.90
toast with ham and cheese
with salad A, G, M, O
€ 5.50


Eispalatschinken A, C, G
€ 5.90
Apple strudel or curd strudel A, C, G
€ 3.20
Apricot or Preiselbeerpalatschinken (3 pieces) A, C, G
€ 5.90
Hot love C, G
€ 5.80
Coup Denmark C, G
€ 5.80
Mixed ice cream with whipped C, G
€ 4.80
Mixed ice cream without whipped C, G
€ 4.20

Cold dishes:

Grabenseer "Brettljause" with bread A, C, G, M
€ 7.20
Cold roast pork with bread A, C, G, M
€ 6.50
Vinegar sausage with bread and garnish A, O
€ 5.80
Frankfurter with mustard, horseradish and bread A, M, O
€ 3.50
Haussulze with onion, oil and bread A, M, O
€ 5.80
Cheese platter with bread A, G
€ 7.50
Cheese bread or bacon bread A, G
€ 3.80


A - Cereals containing gluten and products thereof
B - CRUSTACEANS and products thereof
C - EGGS OF POULTRY and products thereof
D - FISH and products thereof (OTHER THAN FISH GELATINE)
E - PEANUTS and products thereof
F - SOYBEANS and products thereof
H - NUTS and products thereof
L - CELERY and products thereof
M - MUSTARD and products thereof
N - SESAME SEEDS and products thereof
P - LUPINEN and products thereof
R - MOLLUSCS AS SNAILS, MUSSELS, SQUIDS and products thereof