Our Riding Packages

reitangebot-gasthof-grabensee-seehamOur horseback riding - Ideal for beginners and advanced

• Teaching:
Longe hours:
As a beginner, you will learn through hands-on practice balance and proper sitting on horseback. In addition, you learn how to ride in all 3 gaits (walk, trot and canter)
Long Stunder we also offer a seat adjustment for experienced riders.
Riding in the car:
Once you have the security on the lunge, Be free ride in a square (20x40), and practice the leadership of the horse with the reins. And learn to ride the arena patterns.
There is also the possibility of private lessons on a school horse or your own take.
Announced to pass riders and riders needle tests we offer a course (theory and practice).
• Rides:
Depending on weather can be posted on our school horses or your own excursions for experienced riders in the charming Trumer Lakes country (about 2 hours).
• Animals:
There are 5 behaved school horses in various sizes.
• Housing and food:
Accommodation and meals at the inn next to the stables.

• Accommodation own horses:
With prior notice guest boxes are available.

Carriage rides:
Groups, wedding, picnic, birthday trips etc. ..

Information and appointments at

Gaby Wimmer Tel: 0664 376 3881

Riding for house guests who hold a riding certificate and are experienced riders

   free of charge

Lunging (25 min.)
Riding lesson in the web (50 min.)

   € 15.--
   € 15.--

Ride ( 2 hours)

    € 30.--

Trumer Lakes Triathlon

   Adults € 36.--
   Children € 18.00

rarriage rides
groups, wedding, picnic, birthday trips etc...

the prices include all taxes and lakes country club services

price on request