seeham-urlaub-freizeit-grabenseeSeeham is a resort of tradition – the tranquility of the countryside, the walks over the ridge of the Haunsberg and along the banks of the lake, and the hospitality of the local people attracted visitors as far back as 1850.

Tradition is carried on

The Seeham farmers are aware of the natural elements surrounding them and work accordingly. They all practice organic farming, which has proven to be of benefit to visitors of the region, - particularly when it comes to „Holidays on the farm“. An ecological project has been evolved in a large gorge called the „Teufelsgraben“ (devils gorge). There is a set trail with accompanying information in showcases along the way through this mystic gorge. Visitors can explore a magnificent waterfall, a small marble-grinding workshop, and a flour mill, where farmers still mill their grains. The whole thing is a combination of natural surroundings, economic culture and environmental protection.

The modern age

The local people of Seeham have built an open-air stage out into the lake where plays, concerts and cabarets are performed. It has developed into a cultural highlight for both visitors and locals in this area and it is an unusual experience to be seated at the waters‘ edge and to be able to enjoy the performances under a starry sky.

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